Heaven on Earth.

A place that God generously blessed with fertile land full of lemon trees expanding from the foot of the mountain to the sea, with a spring, watering it with its inexhaustible gurgling water, a dreamlike heavenly beauty that changes and takes on a million colours in the bright light of the Sun, touching and taming the human soul.

In this heavenly-like place, the Greek - Cypriot people of Karavas were forced to abandon their homes during the violent Turkish Invasion of July, 1974.
Thousands of dead and missing persons, refugees, illegal occupation and use of our properties, destruction of our cultural and religious heritage are some of the terrible consequences of that tragic summer.
With faith in justice and with the strength mirrored in a series of activities, the refugees of Karavas and the Municipality of Karavas fight for the restoration of their Human Rights (free movement and restitution of their properties, access and use of their properties and of course security and safety) based on the UN resolutions and the principles applied in the European Environment in which the Republic of Cyprus belongs to.